Our Team

Our Team

Backbone of Able Freight Xpress

Managing Director

Azdi Mansoor

Email: md@Afxpress.net
Manager – Able Freight

Mubeen Nizamdeen

Email: fin@afxpress.net
Operations coordinator – Able Freight

Ahmed Fehir

Email: info@afxpress.net

Sales and Marketing – Able Freight

Tuwan Sajahan

Email: operations@afxpress.net
QC Manager – KSA (JHM)

Ajmal Ansar

Email: qualityjhm@afxpress.net
Operations Manager – KSA (JHM)

Shabeen Ahmed

Email: operationsjhm@afxpress.net
Accountant - Able Freight / JHM

Vijay Pandiyan

Email: finance@afxpress.net